What is Cheogajip

The love of mother who cooked a hen to the son-in-law who visited his wife's parents' home has led to the long tradition of Korea.

Following that tradition, cheogajip Seasoned Chicken serves every customer with love and care for each product

Spirit of Cheogajip Seasoned Chicken

Gongjon (Coexistence)

Aiming to live with all the members at home and abroad, cheogajip Seasoned Chicken has established and actively implemented various action plans to communicate with each other and coexist together.

Gongyoung (co-prosperity)

We are further strengthening our cooperative relationship in a strong sense of solidarity to make co-prosperity reality in which franchisers and head office can live together well beyond the coexistence of living together

Sangsaeng (mutual growth)

With the recognition that we are living with all customers and franchisers, cheogajip Seasoned Chicken seeks to implement practices for win-win cooperation and win-win growth and actively implement them