About the menu
  • 16
    • The White Chicken

      Can healthy chicken breasts be so soft and sticky? If you put sour sweet and sour pine and yuja sauce on top of it. A brand new chicken that's never been in the world!

  • 15
    • Honey Oligosaccharide Vegetable Seasoned Chicken

      Cheogajip’s main menu with seasoning sauce flavored with oligosaccharide, honey, raw vegetables instead of starch syrup or sugar

  • 14
    • Fried chicken

      Cheogajip Seasoned Chicken’s popular menu fried crisply and savorily by dipping fresh meat in powder of unique taste

  • 13
    • Half-Half Chicken

      The most popular menu of Cheogajip Seasoned Chicken. Seasoning and fried at once!

  • 12
    • Warak Wing

      A sweet and salty product roasting wings and bong with a strong fire with soy sauce

  • 11
    • Supreme seasoned chicken

      Unique Seasoned Chicken with honey oligosaccharide vegetable spice and mysterious white sauce over crispy fried chicken

  • 10
    • Cheese Supreme Seasoned Chicken

      Cheese Chicken which has not been present in the world with honey oligosaccharide vegetable spice and deep dark cheese sauce once more over crispy fried chicken

  • 9
    • Hot Supreme Seasoned Chicken

      Chicken adding soft white sauce to special hot sauce of Cheogajip Seasoned Chicken

  • 8
    • Supreme Gold Seasoned Chicken

      2018 winter special menu! One more golden cheese powder over white supreme sauce

  • 7
    • Warak Chicken

      Crispy chicken roasted in a deep bowl with soy sauce and a strong fire for sweet and salty flavor and flavor

  • 6
    • Chipotle Seasoned Chicken

      Unique spicy chicken adding smoke flavor of Katsuobushi to spicy taste of jalapeno

  • 5
    • Spicy Fire Seasoned Chicken

      Unique Seasoned Chicken with both the sweetness of seasoned chicken and rich and deep spicy flavor of Chungyang Red Pepper, Korea’s representative chili pepper not capsaicin

  • 4
    • Sweet and Sour Chicken

      Easy to eat and delicious nutritious snack for children with fried lean meat and sweet and savory sauce

  • 3
    • Lemon Green Onion Chicken

      Fresh chicken with seasoned green onions added to sauce made with fresh lemon and mustard

  • 2
    • Smoked Chicken

      Plain Chicken made only of young chicken without oil through smoking processing using oak flavor

  • 1
    • Cheogajip Rice

      Nutritious snack filled with deep flavor and deep taste made of domestic chicken breast, 8 kinds of vegetables, 5 kinds of herbs

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